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Safe water and improved sanitation are needed to reduce the risk of disease. In Ghana, water supply and sanitation (WSS) are particularly important because they account for a greater proportion of the country’s total disease burden. While there have been many sensitization programmes undertaken by government and NGOs in many rural and urban communities emphasizing the need for improved sanitation and safe water to enhance health and wellbeing, among other challenges, the prohibitive cost of toilet facilities has also contributed to render the education ineffective. While access to safe water has improved in rural and urban areas, many in rural and urban Ghana still continue with unsafe mode of excreta disposal and in the process deepening water and sanitation hygiene (WASH) related diseases.

As part of Sinapi Aba’s transformational goals, the WASH Project is embarked upon to help solve the problems of the WASH challenge in Ghana. Sinapi Aba Trust (SAT’s) focus on WASH is to contribute towards the improvement of safe water, proper sanitation and hygiene among the people of Ghana. In this respect, SAT provides cheap financial credit in the form of loans to individuals and businesses engaged in WASH related activities. The loan facility is also made available to homeowners to improve water, sanitation and hygienic conditions in households.

Goals of Sinapi Aba WASH Project

  • To provide opportunity for people specially the low income to access funding for WASH facilities.
  • To create WASH awareness to induce positive behavioral and attitudinal change.
  • To close the significant gap existing between WASH knowledge and practice, thereby eliciting good WASH practices.

The Project has developed 4 key financial products to facilitate the provision of loans in addressing WASH challenges. The areas are: a. Water b. Sanitation c. Hygiene and d. WASH Business.

Since the inception of Sinapi Aba WASH Project from July 2016 to October 2020, about 185,000 number of people have been affected positively by the Products and the Services of the Project across Ghana.

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