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Sinapi Aba offers business development programs for its clients in addition to the financial support. These programs include SME business clinics, Trainings, Advisory services and Women mentorship program. Sinapi Aba Mentorship program is one of the components of the Finedev project, which looks at empowering SME’s, especially women to grow their businesses through capacity building and other networking activities.

The program seeks to help women entrepreneurs to acquire the right knowledge, skills and attitude for their business growth so that they also inturn train other women to grow their business. The beneficiaries of this program are supported to register their business in order to acquire legal status for business expansion.


By this intervention, businesses have survived, seen tremendous growth and become connected, which have affected individuals, families and the nation positively. This goes to support our slogan Touching Lives, Creating Wealth.

The approach adopted for this program is the peer-to-peer learning methodology where the less experienced SME business entrepreneurs are paired with very experienced ones to embark on a mentoring journey.


The mentors are established SME’s who have gone through the drills, mills and challenges of managing businesses and have acquired varied skills, knowledge and expertise and who are also willing and ready to share their experience, knowledge and skills with other SME businesses for growth and profitability.

The mentees are SME businesses owners who have the commitment and unflinching desire to acquire skills, knowledge and attitude from mentors and inculcate good business management practices to become successful.

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